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2019 Annual Update

November 25, 2019

“I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.” Psalm 9:1

Dear Friends,

This year has been busy and filled with God’s wonderful deeds at Stand at the Crossroads Ministries (SATCM); and we cannot wait to share with you the litany of His work through your hands, but first we must tell you why your support is so vital.

My Father’s House and all five apartments of Crossroads Community are full, with 12 women and 14 children, and waiting lists that continue to grow. In 2019 alone, we have been home to 28 women and 25 children. Every woman who turns to SATCM has her own story – our residents represent ages from 22 to 68 and come from all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds; in short, they could be your neighbor, your sister or your daughter. Their reasons for being homeless range from job loss, sudden abandonment or neglect to recent release from rehab or prison = and everything in between. Having reached the last of their emotional, spiritual and material resources, the Lord has sent them to us to help them rebuild their lives. They are with us from a month to a year, sometimes more; and it is our goal to send them back into the community with the tools to stand on their own and a stronger relationship with their Lord.

As opportunity arose a few months ago to respond to the urgent local need for more transitional housing for women with children, we were awestruck by your generous response to our request for prayer and wisdom. God’s blessings poured from you, with monetary donations sufficient to make the down payment on the house adjacent to our property! With some remodeling, it will provide temporary shelter for 3-4 additional families in transition.

Since the beginning of 2019, we have also been able to:
• Finish our Community Center, where babysitting for our Bible studies, classes for our residents, meetings, and special celebrations take place;
• Open our Redeemed Treasures thrift store full time; and
• Nearly complete the renovation of the storage building next to the store.

April 2020 marks the twentieth year that SATCM has provided sanctuary for women. When I started working with women at My Father’s House twenty years ago, I never dreamed that one day we would have a campus this size that has ministered to so many.  On April 25, 2020, we will commemorate that anniversary so please mark your calendars – we want you to be here with us to see, to celebrate and praise God for what He has accomplished through His people in that time!

In the meantime, our vision for the new year includes remodeling our new house to accommodate multiple families and clearing and fencing our larger property to provide more security. As always, debt service, maintenance of existing structures and operating costs continue. We rely on the Lord’s provision through His people. We do not receive government funding and no one on our administrative staff receives a salary. Every dollar we receive goes into our programs, our operation, and expansion as God directs. Therefore, every contribution we receive, no matter the size, makes a big difference.

This work would not be possible without your gifts of time and treasure and your ongoing prayers for God’s blessing and provision for our residents. Thank you for being an integral part of Stand at the Crossroads Ministries. I may be the face of the ministry, but beside me are hundreds of people who keep it going and do all that needs to be done. You are the only reason we are still, after 20 years, reaching out to women and children to help them move to a better place in their lives.

May God bless you richly during this season of Thanksgiving and always,

Deborah Lamb
Executive Director


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SATCM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible. 


Special Prayer Request & Opportunity

The property for sale adjacent to Crossroads Community campus.

                (The property for sale adjacent to Crossroads Community campus)

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

This is a special request for prayers and to let you know of the pressing need our community faces.

The greater Aiken area has only a handful of places for those in need of transitional housing.  Nurture Home was one of the other agencies that sheltered women with children.  With the retirement of the shelter’s director, they are not accepting new applicants.  They have decided to go back to the original plan which is to help women with mental health issues.

Therefore, Stand at the Crossroads Ministries is now flooded with applications from women desperate for help, but we have to tell them we have no room. We have been praying that another agency will rise up to meet this need or that God will help us in some way to do more.


                  * * * An opportunity has arisen about which we need your prayer * * *

The owners recently took it off the market and are willing to work with us to purchase the property. It is large enough to provide temporary housing for three to four women with children, in a manner similar to Nurture Home’s operation, until one of our apartments comes open again or the family can find permanent housing.

                                                                   In addition, 

a donor has come forward who supports the idea of this expansion and has offered us a $10,000 matching grant to start a fundraising campaign toward this purchase or to pay down our existing loan on the store property so we will be ready to buy in the near future.

In the past, we have tried not to go into debt or to pay off existing debt before incurring another. Since SATCM is currently paying off a loan on the store property, we don’t know whether we should pursue buying the house.

Prayer moves mountains. We have seen amazing things happen over the years, as we have shared our need with you. You have joined us in prayer, as well as providing thousands of volunteer hours and helping us financially and materially to realize the dreams blessed by God. 

I think of where we started in 2000 – with a house damaged by fire, termites and water that I named “My Father’s House.” To see where we are today is amazing!

SATCM is now a beautiful campus with housing for up to seven single ladies at My Father’s House, housing for five women with Children at Crossroads Community, a laundry room, a playground area, a beautiful community center for classes and childcare when needed, and a thrift store. To realize that we are able to minister to more than twelve women at a time, to see them transformed and becoming productive members of our community is so very encouraging.

                                    This is why we so desperately need your prayers. 

With God all things are possible. He has done abundantly more than we have asked - by His power, working through His people. He knows the need; and He knows whether we should take this step. The Board and I only want to move in this direction if He is with us. Please pass this prayer request on to others and your churches, and let us know if you feel led in one direction or another in response to your prayers.

The need is great! If we are not meant to move forward with this expansion, then please pray that another ministry will respond to it.

Thank you and God bless you for all you do for Stand at the Crossroads Ministries!

All for His Glory, 

Debbie Lamb, Executive Director

2019 Summer Newsletter

Dear Friends,  

The other day as I was preparing for a speaking engagement, I felt suddenly overwhelmed reflecting on the ongoing work that faces me here at Stand at the Crossroads Ministry (SATCM).  Then it struck me how far the ministry has come and how God has seen to it that I no longer work alone!  From one house with four residents, we have become a campus offering sanctuary and support for up to 25 residents at a time – from one person, we have become a workforce of more than 20 regular volunteers a week!  

In addition, there are the groups that come throughout the year to do special projects and landscaping, making Stand at the Crossroads a beautiful place to live.  Our thriving vegetable garden was designed, built and planted for us by an Aiken garden club.  Landscaping and appliances for our newest apartments were donated and installed by local businesses.  

Even as we grow in size and need, God is faithful. He orchestrates everything and uses people so our needs are met.  We needed washers and dryers recently, and someone I encountered suggested a place to call. Not only were the washers we purchased delivered for free, but the owner of the business fixed our broken dryer at no charge. He even brought us a meal from a restaurant where he had eaten lunch, donated because he mentioned SATCM to them; and they were interested in helping, too!   

Our boutique, Redeemed Treasures, is now open full time from Tuesday to Saturday, with our Grand Opening in June. (We are blessed that our store manager, Shannon, found her way to SATCM because of Jesus’ persistent call - see story in this newsletter.)  We have also already been able to christen our newly completed Community Center with babysitting, classes and get- togethers.  

Every part of the vision, design, and construction or reconstruction of these two additions to our campus have been overseen by the Master Contractor.  We invite you to come and see what He and you have accomplished; and I’ll be happy to give you chapter and verse of the marvelous way in which prayers are answered here every day.  

Most important are the changes He makes in the lives of those who seek refuge at My Father’s House and Crossroads Community. Working together with God’s guidance, we are blessed by offering new paths to an abundant life for those women who choose to take them.  


Yes, God does abundantly more than we ask or imagine. He does it using the Holy Spirit working through each of you to pray, give, and help us out.    

Thank you and God bless you all!   


For His Glory, 

Deborah Lamb


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